Details that show that Saul Goodman has not forgotten Kim Wexler


There are three episodes left to watch Too bad It came to an end. In “Nippy,” the last to air, the character of Rhea Seehorn did not appear.

The relationship has reached a breaking point.
© IMDbThe relationship has reached a breaking point.

The last episode of The best of Saul on demand To get to the screen AMC and Netflix marked absence Kim Wexler For the first time in a long time. The character you played before Rhea Seehorn He wasn’t part of the episode “cayenne” which was released on Monday in the United States, and as of today is available on the main platform of flow From the world. However, this does not mean that Kim Wexler Forgotten by the episodic protagonist Too bad.

On the contrary, we do not stop seeing signs of it Saul Goodman or like Jane Takavicthe character you played before Bob Odenkirk keep reminding Kim Wexler. It is clear that Kim was the love of life Jimmy McGill And that he still remembers her even when living his days as an exile in Nebraska, where he fled after the events of Too bad With the help of the famous ‘vacuum cleaner’.

This week in Twitter A post shared from around 4400 Likes What have you done Tweet embedWhere it was written: “Saul Goodman never thinks of Kim. “Saul Goodman / Jane”. Immediately after that, four different shots were shared in which a character could be seen Bob Odenkirk He still keeps a lot of things you associate with her Kim Wexler in your daily life. and he?

As posted on TwitterAnd the Saul Goodman Hands a check in which you can read the name of a fictitious company called zebra ice stationwhich is related to the title of the favorite movie of Kim Wexler (which can be rented at Camel). It also keeps the painting that was hanging in the room when they shared a house, as well (at least until they clear an office Saul GoodmanThe famous tequila cover Include sapphire which they enjoyed a lot. And if there is a detail missing, it reminds her of her days genecan be seen on several occasions with a bag of Kansas City Royals baseball team Of any Kim She was a loyal follower.

+ Change actor in Better Call Saul

The last episode that hit the small screen marked a fundamental change for fans The best of Saul on demand. For the first time we watched an entire episode set in the future, like Jane Takavic. In this story, he is seen executing one of the famous plans that he was doing just as much Saul GoodmanWith the help of a taxi driver named cadaverous. as seen, Saul Goodman He has a history with him although it is not clear which one. The problem is that there was a change in the actor that probably caused confusion for many viewers.

cadaverous The taxi driver was the first to realize Jane Takavic He threatened to reveal his true identity. In the early seasons, the actor was responsible for interpreting it Don Harvey. However, due to scheduling issues (while filming this season he was filming the series We own this city From HBO), it must be replaced by another representative. was the chosen one Pat Healy. Did you like the episode?

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