Having a pet relieves stress, science confirms

“We tend to oversimplify our view of why people own pets. Perrin’s research highlights the complexities involved in such relationships.”Berklam’s PhD supervisor, Professor Fatima Maria Filisberti, explained.



Despite the benefits noted, the study noted that when animal owners consider their animals to be more important What friends have contributed to their lives Increased feeling of loneliness.

Actually, how much more emotionally attached Was the owner of his pet, worse mental health was seen. Benefits appear when a healthy attachment improves well-being among people with poor resilience.

Seeing pets as more important than friends can increase loneliness.

“When the owner considers his pet more important than the people in his life, the study found that they were more lonely, unhappy, and less resilient. They also scored lower when it came to overall mental health.”Barclam confirmed.

This is because “This type of attachment may reflect an unhealthy bond, in which the owner treats his pet as if he had human impulses and traits, which can be a kind of anthropomorphism.It is to explain.

Based on this, the researcher is conducting a second study on how pets and human-animal interactions affect romantic relationships, friendships, and well-being.

The study was published in the Journal of Human-Animal Relationships Anthrozos.


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