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The wine sector has spent years working towards transparency when it comes to communicating the effects of wine on health, helping society understand and warn about the dangerous consequences of excessive consumption, the limitations of certain times, and the potential benefits of moderation in consumption of wine that science is discovering. In order to reinforce its commitment to this social responsibility, the Foundation for Wine and Nutrition Research (FIVIN) has renewed its website Science of wine and health, A scholarly reference platform that seeks to clarify the contradictory messages that have emerged in recent years about wine and nutrition and provide contradictory information subject to scientific rigor.

The platform seeks to position itself as a source of accurate information for the community and the wine sector itself, building on its arguments on scientific studies. For this, it will obtain the support of the FIVIN Scientific Committee, which is made up of doctors and scientists from different universities and specialties, professionals of high standing and independent of the wine sector. They will be the ones who regularly analyze the major scientific research published worldwide on the effect of wine consumption on health. In this sense, the committee will also appreciate studies that amplify the wine’s properties as well as those that question its effects without a scientific basis. Once the studies have been analyzed, a summary will be issued and it will be suggested for publication based on its suitability and general interest.

Science of wine and health

Platform Science of wine and health It offers sections on different topics, each with an original approach that makes the experience as enjoyable as it is educational. In the department Scientific studiesIn this article, you can find a database of more than 600 studies on wine, wine and health covering a wide range of topics. The platform also includes an News MonitorIn this case, accurate scientific reviews are made of the publications that have appeared in the media. Likewise, in its department Science for non-scholarsIn, the platform contains informational articles to bring current scientific issues about wine into society and provides information on key issues in wine and health from the point of view of preventing abuse and promoting moderate consumption.

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Finally, the section Answers about wineAs a space that anyone who wants, doubts, or news can participate in until the committee appreciates it.

Therefore, the new platform brings together scientific and informational information for the community at large with the aim of providing honest and contradictory information about the benefits of moderate and responsible wine consumption. In this way, the portal also collects information and advice from Wine in Moderation, the international program that contributes to combating excessive alcohol consumption and its harmful effects on society, while advocating for moderate wine consumption as a compatible choice with a healthy lifestyle.

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