Bolivia Elections: The Ballot Box Reveals Chances …

Just over seven million Bolivians voted in the provincial and municipal elections in Bolivia in a climate of relative calm. Despite the epidemic and only half a year after the presidential elections that marked the return of the socialist movement to power. In tune with the latest pollsThis was confirmed by the exit door for the consulting firm Ciesmori The opposition will remain with the strategic mayors of Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, La Paz and El Alto, the latter in the hands of the former president of the Senate, Eva Cuba. Agrupación Jallalla candidate separated from MAS has revealed the stage of changes and internal discussions the party is going through.

At the major provincial level, Evo Morales could celebrate a landslide victory in Cochabamba and a tighter victory in La Paz.His candidate, Franklin Flores, will not avoid the second round. Just as expected, Luis Fernando Camacho was sweeping Santa Cruz And the blocking of the coup candidates, The ex-president’s de facto performance would be underperforming in Penny County, where she would barely make it to third.

Official results will only be known in 8 to 10 days, while the Supreme Election Court was preparing to upload the first data from the count early Monday morning. The absence of jurors at polling stations delayed the opening of many voting tables in different parts of the country for hours, resulting in long lines of citizens. Even President Louis Ars himself had to wait to vote.

In La Paz, polls that predicted a technical triple-tied governor appear to have been disappointed. Franklin Flores, the MAS candidate, would reach comfortably # 1 with 37.3 percent of the vote, Always according to Ciesmori exit. Next, with 27.1 percent, is the Jalal Agricultural candidate, Santos Quespe, son of the deceased Felipe “El Malco” Kissby, who until his death was the preferred candidate to remain with the ruler. Rafael “Tata” Kissby, the front’s candidate for the public good – we are human, came in third place – 22.1 percent. These results will not prevent a second round, although it remains to be seen who will accompany the ruling party candidate in that case.

The exit door also reveals that the candidate we believe in, Luis Fernando Camacho, would have enough advantage to become the ruler of Santa Cruz without the need for a second round. One of the most responsible for the police and military rebellion that culminated in the coup against Evo Morales will reach 55.4 percent of the vote intent, out of candidate Mario Cronenbold, at 34.3 percent. And finally among the major provinces of the country, In Cochabamba, the Social Democrats will secure a clear victory, with former Sacaba Mayor Humberto Sanchez winning 50 percent of the vote.

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As for the mayors, In Santa Cruz, Citizen Community Candidate Gary Ones ranked first with 32.9 percent of the vote.. Second place Johnny Fernandez, from UNIDAD Civic Solidaridad, was 31.9 per cent, which heralds a second round between the two since then. Away and in third place was the MAS candidate, former Senator Adriana Salvatierra.

Cochabamba will remain for the former commander of the armed forces, Manfred Reyes Vela, with 56.8 per cent of the vote. His candidacy was in doubt until the very last minute Final judgment in case of breaching the duties of a public official. Former ombudsman Nelson Cox dropped significantly, at 23.3 percent.

The mayor of La Paz will go to Ivan Arias, Minister of Public Works during the de facto government of Janine Anez, who received 48 percent of the vote upon exit. Far away was the candidate Massista César Ducweiler, director of the public cable car company until his resignation after the 2019 coup. In the sought-after city of El Alto, the victory will go to Jalala Group’s candidate, Eva Cuba. After a flagrant break from the Social Democratic Party, Cuba won 67 percent of the vote compared to a distant 22 percent for the ruling party, Zacharias Makira.

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