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During a meeting, the United Nations in 1954 called on countries to recognize that children deserve a life of dignity. From this account, after that call, Guatemala decided to designate October 1 as Children’s Day, with the goal of remembering that the rights of minors must be respected.

According to the institutions accompanying the basic guarantees of childhood, the said celebration should be inclusive, without prejudice or discrimination, since everyone has the same right, especially children with disabilities, who can also celebrate this date with health, education and inclusive dignity.

Jeremy is one of the most advanced students thanks to the support of his family. Photo: Danilo Ramírez / DCA

Change your life with treatments

Learning Spot is an organization that for many years has provided support for children with disabilities or psychomotor retardation, as a way to ensure the dignity of children.

Sensory stimulation is one of the most suitable for people with psychomotor retardation. Photo: Danilo Ramírez / DCA

Through the sale of food, the entity manages the financing of treatments. About 25 infants currently benefit from these types of services, including those who do not have access to a learning center.

Since 2015, Diana Monzon, founder of the project, and a group of therapists and practitioners from universities have helped nearly 100 children.

About 25 children benefited from low-cost treatments this year. Photo: Danilo Ramírez / DCA

As a result of this epidemic, many of his patrons withdrew, turning to the preparation and sale of pastries to cover most of the treats.

Special education, physical therapy, sensory integration, pet-assisted therapy, hydrotherapy and early and timely stimulation, are the services offered at low prices, after a socio-economic study.

Pet-assisted therapy has recently been implemented. Pictured, Santiago plays with Gillian’s Labrador retriever. Photo: Danilo Ramírez / DCA

How to help the case

If you would like assistance with treatments by getting food prepared by a Learning Spot entity, you can call the phone numbers 3032-6018, 5917-8557 and 4108-2507 or write to an email [email protected]

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The minors receive personal attention in every treatment.

Photo: Danilo Ramírez / DCA
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