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The new DreamsWorks-produced film is based on Aaron Blabey’s “The Bad Boys” comic books, an entertaining animated story for the whole family in which, in the course of the story, five evil criminal experts become good people.

The group of animals that Lobo leads in the city are known for their wickedness, ambition and foolishness, with the aim of stealing the most valuable thing in the city they live in: the so-called dolphin goldWhich is given every year to the most beloved citizen of the community. Each band member works like a piece of the clock in their own country expertise Until the whole process goes so well that they can laugh again at the police authorities who can’t arrest them.

But the succession of events does not favor them bad boys, who eventually chooses to submit to a plan to try to get good. With a few entertaining twists that allow us to think about how appearances can often be deceiving, and an entertaining and effective storyline, The Bad Guys delivers a valuable message about friendship, loyalty, and how good it feels to be a good person, something that the characters in the movie hadn’t previously discovered.

A movie to enjoy with the family and have a good time.


Eligible: good

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