Pure magic for Harry Potter fans

The Avalanche video game takes us to Christmas 2022 to enjoy its work.

Practically since his announcement in 2020, we have not heard from him Hogwarts Legacy So I had the pleasure of enjoying the state of play with this Harry Potter video game as the only hero, which got him to be seen in Play for about 20 minutes It works to find out something more in depth what what’s new from Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. has to offer.

Attending class and exploring will allow us to learn and improve new spellsAfter a long season without news regarding Hogwarts Legacy, this comprehensive gameplay was perfect for discovering in detail this action adventure that feels like a love letter to the universe created by J.K. Rowling. From class attendance to the many hidden mysteries at Hogwarts, magical duels or even puzzles and mini-games, the game Avalanche It doesn’t seem to rule out any of the elements that have made the Harry Potter universe one of the most fanciful of fantasy.

Once our young mage is formed, whether male or female, we will be free to move around the school as part of one Four big houses The magic that makes up Hogwarts. But the work of Hogwarts Legacy will not be limited to the walls of this massive castle where we will be clearly exploring the outside world. Variety of scenarios Where we will have to deal with all kinds of dangers. This brings us to the fight.

There will be puzzles, exploration, many battles and even disguiseOur wizard will have an interesting variety of spells with which to defend himself against witches and other fantasy creatures. Having seen it, it looks like Hogwarts Legacy won’t lack options when it comes to combat, with dodges, counterattacks, item spells and even the option to use stealth to catch enemies by surprise.

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Magic lessons at Hogwarts

Image from Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy

Exploring the world of Harry Potter will pay off in this adventure. Going to the classroom, entering the secret passages of Hogwarts, or winning mini-games and other skill tests will allow us to learn new skills and improve existing ones as if by chance. RPG Healed There will also be collectibles and chests where we will get more and better magical equipment to survive the dangers that lie ahead.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on Christmas 2022,Thanks to this new video preview, we’ve also seen the teachers and classmates who will accompany us on this adventure set in the late 19th century, so the castle will be similar to the way we remember it, but with a different set of characters from the books/movies. However, we will occasionally come across the familiar face. The Date? Orcs and a group of wizards will be the main enemies to be overcome in a video game that does not seem to ignore its plot at all, but rather delves deeper into the game. Harry Potter universe.

We’ve even seen the protagonist use a flying broom to go through some scenes of great beauty that scream for exploration. As if all this were not enough, in the video game we will have the space to create our own house, expanding more customization options for the adventure.

When is Hogwarts Legacy released

Image from Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy

One of the great wishes of Harry Potter fans has been to know the release date of Hogwarts Legacy in this new PlayStation State of Play, but, unfortunately, this is the information that Warner Bros. As one of her biggest secrets. At least, yes, it has been confirmed that the video game will go on sale for Christmas 2022.

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