Global Entrepreneurship Day: Tips and Keys to Success, According to Four Argentine Entrepreneurs

This Saturday is International Entrepreneurship Day.

Entrepreneurs agree on that Starting a new business in Argentina is a ‘challenge’. What should you be willing to put to the test? What is the best way to grow, how to overcome various obstacles that appear halfway and what experiences can help increase the chances of success in the enterprise.

On April 16, specifically, the “Global Entrepreneurship Day” is celebrated.

“To undertake, you must be willing to put economic stability, leisure time, work vicissitudes, and emotional impact to the test,” he emphasized. Hector LowCEO of Megatech, a technology company that provides professional services, web and mobile development.

for this part, Franco Forte, The CEO and Co-Founder of Mudafy highlighted that throughout the entire process “it is important to understand that in order to find pleasure and fulfillment a vision of what one desires and strives for, it will be necessary to Facing challenges and problems of all kindsHe said:To start from scratch is to be in constant “trial and error”Which can be frustrating in some cases.

“You must be willing to put to the test the economic stability, free time, the ups and downs of work and emotional impact.” (Lou)

Forte underlined Global Entrepreneurship Day which will be held on Saturday.

From the point of view Juan Cruz gottaCEO of the application Passbook, If the motives are clear, you will always find a way forward. And on that plane he noted, “There’s a key, because when things get tough, remembering why is often what gets you back on the right track.”

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gotta, Constantly getting out of your comfort zone It’s “one of the best ways to grow and understand what you really love.” however, To achieve success, it is necessary at some point to “prepare”.

“In order to find pleasure and fulfill a vision of what one desires and pursues, it will first be necessary to confront challenges and problems of all kinds” (Forte)

according to the only silvaimporter and exporter of fabrics, order “essential” Progressing on the path of entrepreneurship is surrounded by people who “make it, even if it is, more interesting and motivate you to keep going.” He added that while the independence that entrepreneurship gives you is one of the greatest benefits in this world, that word does not mean doing it alone.

Work experience at a startup can be an invaluable help to increase your chances of success Develop your own business said the CEO of Mudafy, a proptech company that is changing the way real estate is bought and sold through technological innovation and personalized advice.

Despite the fact that the path is not 100% safe for an entrepreneur, “With a good background of knowledge, system, and clear and innovative ideas, you are likely to reduce the percentage of errors that you may encounter.”, per the discretion of the CEO of Megatech.

For Silva, it is essential to walk the entrepreneurial path surrounded by people who motivate you to keep going.
For Silva, it is essential to walk the entrepreneurial path surrounded by people who motivate you to keep going.

There are many Challenges What an Entrepreneur Should Face, According to Local Entrepreneurs:

the product: How to turn an idea into a real initial product, adapting it based on technological developments and customer needs.

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sales: How will it be possible, from an initial and start-up producer, to generate the first sales and then work on retention and gradual growth.

a team: This is one of the central issues in the time of growth. Assign first employees, delegate tasks, and evaluate how best to get the job done. Once the team is assembled, it becomes the driving force.

Starting capital: Obtaining the first necessary funds, thereby properly managing cash flows.

emotional: Be flexible, patient, and supportive.

No matter what obstacles may arise along the way, entrepreneurs agree that entrepreneurship is a unique experience, filled with learning that likely won’t materialize in a job in a traditional dependency relationship and stay in a relationship forever.

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