What is the stenosis of the colon diverticulum that Pope Francis worked for | The Pope was arrested in Rome

In a brief official statement, the Vatican office announced this Sunday morning that Pope Francis has been arrested To undergo surgery for “diverticular stenosis” in the colon. But what do you respond to? What are the risks involved in surgery?

In this regard, the outgoing president Argentine Society of Gastroenterology (SAGE), Edgardo Smecuol, explained that the schedule that identified the need for the supreme pontiff to run is Colon stenosis, a complication of diverticular disease.

This disease is characterized by Formation of ‘diverticular’ in the colon or intestine, which are small pockets that result from a ‘hernia in the intestinal mucosa’ through the muscle layer. The cause of this condition is still unknown “It is known to be more common in the West due to its association with their diets that are low in fiber and rich in refined carbohydrates.”

Diverticulosis usually affects the colon, “especially in a sector called the sigmoid,” said a gastroenterologist now at C. Bonorino Odondo Hospital in CABA. “It usually does not cause major health problems in general Complications rarely occur. The most common are infections or “diverticulitis”, bleeding and perforation.

stenosis Any constriction or narrowing of the colon – in this case – It can be caused by “recurring episodes of diverticulitis, which generate fibrosis in some segments of the large intestine causing stenosis” or obstruction. Like a tube that was plugged in.

regarding sign of illness, Smecuol explained that the most common for colonic stenosis “Pain, swelling or distension in the segment prior to obstruction and a change in the rhythm of evacuation, generally toward constipation“.

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the potential risks

The specialist confirmed that the process of “colon stenosis accompanied by symptoms” It is indeed a “minor intervention”, but the risk factor to consider is age From the religious leader: “In a sick age the complexity can increase.”

In the same sense, he confirmed it A surgical solution to resection the colon, technically called a “narrow ops,” is the “safe” option.She pointed out that a patient who is in good health needs a short stay in the hospital for “one to two days” only.

While the news alerted the whole world, In the hours before Pope Francis’ confession, he was very calm. During the Angelus prayer in St Peter’s Square He greeted the faithful happily and informed that he was going to Hungary and Slovakia in September.

Then, the Supreme Pontiff He entered the Gemelli dispensary in Rome at 2 pm (Argentina time), The hospital had already prepared for his arrival. According to a local newspaper, printing, the medical establishment organized a general rally in the morning to better organize the structure in preparation for the important visit.

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