Genshin Impact cancels collaboration with Elon Musk just hours after its announcement

miHoYo created a contest for a billionaire to broadcast his title play.

Jinshin effect The community was amazed not only for suggesting his anime style with gacha inclinations, but also for his constantly renews the game with Dozens of cooperation. However, no one expected myHoYo to be willing to partner with Billionaire Elon Musk, known as the director of Tesla and SpaceX as well as for posting the strangest tweets. Fortunately, surname lovers They refused In order for the said character to be related to Genshin Impact, so myHoYo cancel the idea A few hours after he suggested it on Twitter.

miHoYo wanted Elon Musk to broadcast Genshin ImpactHow did this mix of worlds originate? It all started when the company Genshin Impact published a contest on the aforementioned social network in which, according to the number of “RT” in the community, the developer I will react in different ways With Elon Musk. In this sense, the proposals were to impress the billionaire broadcast Play Genshin Impact, and as a final reward, the character will be invited to Visit miHoYo . offices in Shanghai. What could possibly go wrong.

Now Elon Musk wants his own character in Genshin ImpactAs expected, most of the community raised their complaints against the developer’s idea, which led to the show being canceled. Shortly after the unveiling. So, myHoYo already Post deleted which we explained in the previous paragraph and intend to forget about the idea, at least for the time being. Unfortunately, the torrent of criticism and opinions managed to reach the other side of the ocean, which gave Elon Musk the opportunity to discover the game and You want your own character in the meantime.

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As a final addition, this was added to the recent miHoYo move that caught the attention of a large portion of the players, as Genshin Impact received the access of a character called Ella Musk, a young woman studying an imaginary language. However, while this raises the doubts of anyone who has heard of Elon Musk, miHoYo confirms it nothing to do with them.

So, it was all just an intimidation that had built up in spite of everything 20,000 lbs During the short period that miHoYo has kept the idea active. Looking at this, I want to think that the really big developers Listen to the complaints of their communitySo, at least for the time being. We will not have cooperation Between Genshin Impact and one of the richest men in the world. So if you want to enjoy the open world created by miHoYo and completely free of Elon Musk influence, you have Genshin Impact available for PC, PS4And PS5And Nintendo Switch and cell phones.

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