Uruguay allowed to stop wearing face masks in the streets and open spaces

Since the epidemic began, this is the first time that President Louis Lacalle Poe has appeared in public without a mask

In Uruguay, the use of face masks in open spaces and on public roads is no longer mandatory. This was reported by the Ministry of Public Health through an official statement.

“On public roads and open spaces, regardless of organized events, the use of a face mask will not be necessary. In very crowded places or with crowds of people such as: neighborhood fairs, outdoor shopping trips, etc., their use is encouraged.‘, he begins by saying.

MSP used examples to illustrate the above. You should not wear a mask for walking or running on the street or avenue. But at a neighborhood fair, or as a public spectator of a “5K” sports competition or stadiums, where hundreds or thousands of people gather, it will be.

What is more, Indoor face masks are still recommended. “The use of an indoor face mask is recommended at all events that may involve a huddle of people, when it is ensured that all attendees have run the full vaccination schedule, and also in open spaces if the same situation occurs, (events are very crowded or crowded). In these cases, a minimum safety distance between people must be ensured in any case.‘Keep moving forward.

Uruguay's Ministry of Public Health will not make the use of face masks mandatory either on public roads or outdoors
Uruguay’s Ministry of Public Health will not make the use of face masks mandatory either on public roads or outdoors

The statement ends with the following clarification:Indoor use of a face mask will be mandatory in any situation that may involve a gathering of peopleAnd If not all attendees administer the complete vaccination regimenAnd also in open spaces if the same situation occurs (crowded or very crowded events). In these cases, in any case, a minimum safety distance between people with respect to other people must be ensured.

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Then, Places where it is allowed to go without masks are on public roads and in open spaces, as long as that does not mean that there is a mass of people. In such cases, in addition to the mask, Social distancing must be ensured. mask Continues indoor strengthespecially those with a high level of attendance.

Regarding vaccinated people, MSP recommends using a mask. For those who have not completed the outline, its use is encouraged. The same thing happens if the event or circumstance implies that the vaccinated and unvaccinated people are mixed. In this case, everyone should wear a mask, even if they are outdoors.

The afternoon of October 14, the President of the Republic Louis Lacalle Poe was first seen without a mask outdoors, Based on the recommendations of the Ministry of Public Health, the journalist from Channel 5, Joaquin Dellion.

The President, accompanied by other government authorities, was present at the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Technical School of Aeronautics. There, employees who have served the institution for more than thirty years were also honored.

Uruguay battle

currently, Uruguay ranks second in the world in terms of the amount of the vaccinated population. It is second only to the United Arab Emirates. To this day, he wears a 73.44% of its fortified population. In addition, nearly a third of the country’s population attended for a third booster dose against COVID-19.

Since the virus reached Uruguay in March 2020, a total of 6,065 people have died. Currently, 1,368 Uruguayans are ill and 14 of them are in intensive care.

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