Galilea Montijo is called the pioneer of the Onlyfans for this reason

Host Gallia Montego once again caused a stir on social networks because netizens considered her the pioneer of the “Onlyfans”. This is the video he appeared in Leaving Montego in 2005 selling his own photos. “If you send from your mobile Galilea to 31111, you will receive exclusive and completely unknown photos of me,” can be heard in the video circulating on TikTok.

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It is necessary to note that Galilea Montejo in the video looks younger, and according to what she says in this clip, it can be understood that the intention is to sell her intimate photos. As data, by 2005, Galilea Montejo started her career on TV and She is not yet the host of the popular morning show called “Hoy”..

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Galilea Montijo is causing a stir in the networks

Before the video circulated on social networks, netizens began saying that Galilea Montejo was the pioneer of Onlyfans and described her as a visionary for a business that currently generates millions of pesos. It is worth noting that something that has also been a recent topic is a rumor that Galilea Montejo had dedicated herself to being an exotic dancer before she was a TV presenter.

Finally, about Onlyfans This app was created by Timothy Stokely 5 years ago in London, UK. Basically the app works as follows: the first step is to create a private account, then you have to upload content mainly with sexual focus, and in the end every user has their own paying subscribers to watch the explicit content they want.

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