Scientists predict major changes in birds from 2080

Not only the number of species and individuals will change depending on the climate, but also their characteristics. Photo: EFE.

New research predicts that bird communities It will change all over the world 2080 Because of climate crisislargely as a result of changing their regions distribution.

To project bird communities to 2080, a team of scientists from the University of important roleAnd the United kingdomThe Center for Biodiversity and Climate Research in senckenbergAnd the GermanyPrevious bird distributions relevant to climatic data.

Then he applied these relations to Two climate scenarios futures contracts, based on low and medium greenhouse gas emissions; This is for prediction the changes in species distributions.

As it became known on August 11, 2022, the team not only analyzed the changes on the number of species in areas, but also the types of species that can occur. To summarize changes in species types, they calculated something called genetic diversity That sums up how many different species of birds will be produced, Durham University reported.

For example, a community has many closely related species, such as songbirds that feed on insects, will have a much higher degree of genetic diversity short From a community that includes a mixture of distant species, for example, songbirds, and other species, such as wild birdsAnd the partridge also seagulls.

deep adjustments

Scientists have investigated how bird communities around the world will change in the future and found that cClimate change It will not only affect number of species, but will also have profound effects on genetic diversity and formation subordinate social communication.

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Examples of bird species currently increasing phylogenetic diversity in the UK, likely driven in large part by climate change, include: Europeans bee eatersIt is a type of bird that eats Insects, substrates s spoonsall of which usually breed south in Europe; But they now breed occasionally in the UK. and the bee eater Just far related With other bird species currently breeding in the UK.

Likewise, newly cloned species, such as spoons and the pillars The black-winged bird has added to the genetic diversity of birds in the UK in just the past few years. Last few years.

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