Gabriel Basso. Popular Netflix series The Night Agent is led by Grupo Milenio

During the premiere week (March 23), as well as the last week of the month, Night agent (night agent), starring the new Netflix production Gabriel BassoIt became the most popular series on the platform, both in Mexico and the United States. A week later, the series continues In the first most watched places on Netflix in our country.

Gabriel Basso, of He gives life to Agent Peter Sutherland From the FBI, joint with Millennium His own reflections on the success of the 10-episode series, and after the announcement of the second season, everything he believes could be improved upon in the next installment.

We will repeat what we did well in the first season, and we want to improve ourselves.but not by being flashy or pretentious, but by reflecting more on the things we did well and fixing the mistakes we made,” Basso explains.

and ensures that criticism and feedback helps them grow; “However, I don’t think we have to change anything, we just have to be more mindful when doing what we know how to do. That’s what will make people feel better in the second season.”

The series has been very successful private

in Night agentAnd Peter Sutherland, a young FBI agent, plies his trade on the White House emergency line, Although he lives frustrated because of the negativity of his work. However, a phone call will change his life, as he finds himself entangled in a conspiracy that will endanger his life and the safety of those around him.

“What draws people to this story is that all of these characters are people, not superheroes or outcasts. Peter gets hurt by all of this and has to lean on a friend, so seeing him suffer and go through different situations is cathartic for people because after a while, it gets boring to see A hero to whom nothing happened, ”he adds.

enlightenment and instability

“sIt would be boring for me to draw…it takes a long time“, asserts the American actor, who for years focused the rest of his pressing creative needs on painting and illustration. This other field, in which he is also very popular, is a feature that distinguishes him as an artist, and although he is not convinced of his desire to unite these two passions, he explains how acting inspires illustration.

I write some thoughts about my face as a painter. I’m open to any creative project as long as it makes sense. I don’t want to feel like that because I’m an actor and an artist that I have to make a movie about, it has to be something cool and allow me to do something unique,” he commented.

“As in acting, in illustration emotion must be grounded in thought. Thought is a prerequisite for emotion which gives way to instability, feeling without direction, without intellectual direction, in a chaotic manner. Acting for me is a moment when I feel something through thinking. I want to be unstable.”



The Netflix production is based on the homonymous novel by Matthew Quirk; Season two has already been confirmed.
Great deal
Besides Basso, there are Lucien Bochana, Hong Chau, Phola Evans-Akingbola, Phoenix Ray, Enrique Murciano, Yves Harlow, Sarah Desjardins, DB Woodside, Robert Patrick, and others.

his drawings

Those interested in seeing some of Gabriel Basso’s work as an illustrator can find information on his official Instagram account (@son.sonofnone).


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