From the cure to the world’s best-selling beverage: the history of Coca-Cola and the mystery of the secret formula

At the end of the 19th century, Jacobs Pharmacy in Atlanta was the center of the revolution. Is that there John S. Pemberton developed a recipe for a syrup-based tonic Which, over the years, has become the most popular drink in the world.

Known in its origins as “Fino Coca Pemberton”The inventor continued to experiment with changes in the recipe to improve its healing properties and flavour. but The magic did not happen until it occurred to him to mix the drink with soda.

Good name

At that moment, he realized that he had created a refreshing drink that was no longer requested by customers as a treat, but to be enjoyed on hot afternoons. The Another piece of success came from the hand of accountant Frank Robinson who suggested the name: Coca-Cola.

John Pemberton developed the drink as a medicinal tonic

The name was associated with one of the components of soda. Namely, the drink is made from the kola nut, a fruit of African origin that contains high levels of caffeine. however, The recipe he celebrated this year in the year 135 is one of the best kept secrets in the business world.

international expansion

It only took 11 years for Coca-Cola to cross the US border. In 1897, the first nationwide bottling agreement was signed and those were the company’s first exports.. The company was responsible for supplying the center and the soda was completed in the various factories in addition to its distribution and marketing.

Already in the first years of the last century, more than 400 plants were bottled Coca-Cola in the United States, Panama, Canada and Cuba.. And each did so with a different packaging, confusing consumers.

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Coca-Cola Before Contour Bottle Design

To avoid these mistakes and create a brand identity In 1915, the company organized a competition in which to choose one packaging model. The winner was the bottle contourwhich has persisted to this day and has become one of the most iconic designs in history.

best kept secret

In those years, it was time to write down the most precious secret the company had.

A bottle of Coca-Cola throughout history

The document has been kept since 1920 in Atlanta, the city where the company’s global headquarters are located. It was kept in a safe in the bank, until 2006 a special vault was built in the Company Museum..

The bunker deserves a spy movie: It has a palm scanner, a digital lock, and a huge steel door. Inside there is another safe with extra security. Inside it is a metal box containing what its owners call “the world’s best-kept trade secret”.

Since 2006, the Coca-Cola formula has been kept in the Company’s Museum in Atlanta.

Only two people know the formula At the same time, their identities and positions are kept secrets as closely as the formula itself. And according to the versions that are not officially proven, These executives—like the President and Vice President of the United States—can’t travel together on the same plane.

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