From Patagonia to Canada, with a stopover in the Amazon

Thiara was born in Comodoro Rivadavia and graduated as a lawyer in Córdoba, and after a stint in Brazil, she is now in Canada.

A large percentage of Teens who finished high school move to another city To pursue a career in higher or university education or commerce, either because it is not present in the areas in which they grew up, or directly because the county does not have this educational supply. The vast majority of Patagonia’s cities do not have universitiesOften times, commuting has become a common occurrence.

Status: Opportunities are varied after graduating from a profession Thiara, A woman from the national capital to petroleumAnd the Comodoro Rivadavia, In the province ChubutI moved first from Argentina to Brazil and from there to the frozen giant: Canada.

With 25 years old, T.Hyara graduated as a lawyer from the National University of Cordoba. But he no longer wanted to play sports, so he went on vacation to the north of Brazil. Nothing went as expected, as I only imagined reaching some beaches for a month. The story at the start of the trip was that a friend bought a ticket for him: “I heard that the further north of Brazil the beaches were more beautiful, so I asked him to take a ticket as far north as possible. But I did not specify that there was a beach. And he sent me to the Amazon.” Sand has finally become the largest tropical forest in the world. Plus, his stay wasn’t 30 days, because if we’re upset, it must be said he’s still on that vacation.

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Thiara is another Argentinian around the worldOr: Because he always loves to travel to different destinations, in his early days, when time and money allowed, he traveled to neighboring countries, such as Chile s Uruguay.

Amazon jungle

After his stay in the South American giant, he also visited Venezuela and Colombia, but his destination went further: they arrived with his traveling companion in Vancouver, in western Canada, practically on the border with the United States. There they began an adventure that would be repeated in many cases of immigrants around the world: start with the right thing.

With 700 euros in their pockets, they rented a van to be able to commute, sleep and rest from here to there, pending the opportunities any foreigner would like to have from their daily bread.

Their jobs and amenities were not what they expected. “We wanted to be able to stand in our house,” a clear reference to the height of the means of transportation that is also housing. Additionally, their jobs as fruit pickers, a frequent job offer in many of these countries, were not the best either. They were able to accommodate more and live in the urban area of ​​Vancouver, one of the cities with the most theatrical, artistic and musical attractions.


Although there are no plans at the moment to return to the oil city, he confirms that the possibility is always lurking because “the real home is where I grew up”. But they will decide that cycle when the conditions are the best. And there always connects them to this city.

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One of the questions that anyone who lives in another country asks himself is what he wants in his life, and whether he really loves what he studied, as is the case with Thiara: she admits, “I was half a quarrel in my profession. Before traveling I worked for a year and a half, but I had to get a second job, I couldn’t earn a living. ”He also adds that,“ When you travel, you realize that there are other things, and that other things are happening to you as you learn. Knowing new things and opportunities has two sides: the time that could have been ” Waste “on doing new things but also in how hard and difficult it is to get away from the day in and day out from the family, from the habits that you have inevitably naturalized. A bundle of yerba or alfajor or just a bundle of polenta – the little things you’ll never think you’ll miss But it does happen.

Thaira is still abroad and hopes to return home at some point. Meanwhile, take advantage of the experience of being another Argentinian around the world.

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