From film director to player

Daughter of the famous California Attorney General, it is clear to Reina Ponta that life can be multifaceted as this 24-year-old, born in Connecticut, USA, has found a way to combine soccer and cinema.

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About 4 years ago. Rina won a film festival in San Diego with the world premiere of “LAHI,” a film she directed, co-produced and co-wrote. The short film was directed by actress and surfer, with credits to Tiki Willis.

Rina actually gained experience after doing an apprenticeship while filming the series, plus she was in the business of filming a documentary about the endangered black rhino in Kenya. In the end, Bona graduated from Yale University with a huge academic project.

His father and mother are Golden State politicians, his grandfather worked as a volunteer for universal suffrage and coincided several times with Martin Luther King; While her grandmother was an activist to help out the Farm Workers Union. And now, Rina is in the world of cinema.

Nine months later, it was the second surprise that Reina received an invitation from the Philippine Federation inviting her to represent the Asian country in the tournament World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

Today, Reina plays professionally for Brazilian Santos after playing for Yale University. His coach, Tiffany Wimmer, was also a member of Pele’s club, so when he got the opportunity he didn’t hesitate to grab it to further his growth in the world of sports.

Ponta promises that the Philippines will fight with all their hearts to win the World Cup. They know they are a rookie team, but they will give one hundred percent to face the tournament with a winning mentality to create a story worthy of winning an Oscar.

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