The British Prime Minister described the European Union’s designation of the Malvinas Islands as “unfortunate”.

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Spokesman Rishi Sunak said this after a document released by the European Union at a joint summit with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. The English newspaper “Financial Times” confirmed that mentioning the Malvinas Islands is a “defeat” for that country.

The UK’s prime minister, Rishi Sunak, on Thursday sharply criticized the document issued by the European Union – at the joint summit with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States – for naming islands they consider the Falklands Malvinas. Sunak confirmed that it is a file “Unfortunate choice of words.”

In a statement to the press, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman told reporters in London that this is in his opinion “It was completely unacceptable for the European Union to question the right of the people of the Falkland Islands They decide their own future.”

The lengthy but lightweight declaration signed by members of the European Union and the Group of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) at their summit in Brussels on Tuesday angered the British government.

The reason is found in point 13 of which he first spoke of the “Falkland Islands/Malvinas”. This means that when he talks about “Malvinas” he is using the name that Argentina and its allies call the archipelago. Indirectly, this is an acknowledgment of the existence of a dispute.

According to the influential Financial Times on Thursday, Belgian diplomats asked Charles Michel, who today presides over the European Council, To “clarify” the European position. That was after the government of Alberto Fernandez described the declaration of 27 European Union and 33 GRULAC countries as a “diplomatic victory”.

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With regard to the question of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, The European Union has taken note of the position of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, Proceeding from the importance of dialogue and respect for international law in the peaceful settlement of disputes.” The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States 100 percent supported Argentina’s claim to sovereignty over the disputed Malvinas Islands and other islands in the South Atlantic Ocean and calls on the parties to negotiate it, which London rejects.

As the Financial Times says, the British diplomats’ request to Michel ” fell on deaf ears.” And they told him the same thing Clarion in Brussels. “This has been agreed upon by 27 CELAC member states and countries.” They also told the newspaper: “We cannot issue a statement on their behalf.”

In addition, on Thursday, Al-Sinak’s spokesman considered it “correct” that the bloc requested “clarification of its position.” “We have made our views very clear and have spoken to the UEA about this in Brussels,” he said, according to The Independent. “He never wanted a repeat of the mistake,” Senek said.

for that reason, Clarion I was able to confirm that there was even contact from Jeremy Cleverly, the UK Foreign Secretary, with the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security, Josep Borrell, against Malvinas’ statement. But Burrell, who is of Hispanic descent, just took note.

And the British newspaper reflects the ground that London lost in Europe after its exit from the European Union, known as Brexit. “The UK is not part of the European Union. They resent the use of the word malvinas. If they were in the European Union, perhaps they would have opposed it.” “The Argentines weave it in a certain way,” the European official added. regarding the issue of the Malvinas Islands. This joint declaration is an appeal by the international community to the United Kingdom to agree to comply with its commitment to resume sovereignty negotiations with Argentina.

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But the European Union did not say so and the government ended up denying it.

after consultation Clarion On whether the EU has changed its position on the Malvinas Islands – and it is always within the Lisbon Treaty that the UK is an overseas territory -, the speakers replied: “EU Member States They have not changed their views and positions regarding the Falkland Islands/Malvinas. The EU is not in a position to express any position on the Falkland Islands/Malvinas, as there is no discussion in the Council on this matter.”

“The EU does not take any position on such matters without a mandate from the Council (i.e. without a decision taken by the 27 member states of the decision-making body called the Council of the European Union),” the foreign affairs spokesperson said. European Union, European Commission, Peter Stano.

He noted that “the inclusion of a paragraph indicating that the European Union has taken note of the position of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States regarding sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands / Falkland Islands, was agreed upon by all EU member states in the Council’s discussions and negotiations during the summit.”

“The European Union is always ready to listen to and take note of the position of our partners. In this spirit, the European Union notes the interest shown by Argentina and the countries of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States in addressing the issue of the Malvinas / Falkland Islands.”

Instead, they are angry at the UK, they told the Times.

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“The Argentine government can put pressure on whoever they want, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Falklands are British. This is the clear will of the Falkland Islanders. Ten years ago, 99.8% of Falkland Islanders who cast their ballots said they wanted to remain part of the British family,” and concluded, “Our commitment to this decision is unwavering and it will remain.”

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