Free Course with Google Certificate to start working with one of the tools of the future

Google Partnership with MinnaLearn and the University of Helsinki for a range of free courses That will help the users to get a better knowledge About the basic elements of artificial intelligence (AI).

The free course and only 5 hours for a job with a solid job opportunity

Taking courses to train and entering new worlds is the sensation of the moment. This free course is very popular and has a great job opportunity.

Goal turn is to demystify artificial intelligence (AI). It provides an essential introduction for all those interested in learning What is AI, what can (and can’t) do with AI, and how does it affect our livesIt’s detailed Google From the course introduction.

The purpose of turn The thing is The person has the tools to define artificial intelligence. This way, you will be able to create discussions based on it and understand the main implications of this new technology.

What are the modalities and requirements for this Google certification course

but, The course is free, contains six modules and is of entry-level complexity. However, the technology company warns that to complete the course, the user must study and review the sections carefully. In addition, He explained that to pass the course, the student must have completed 90% of the exercises and obtained 50% correct.

from We are Companies associated with the AI ​​course with Google

MinnaLearn and the University of Helsinki (Finland) are academic companies that partnered in 2018 to find a way around this User empowerment through the advantages of artificial intelligence. For this, they decided to create a course to teach the basic foundations of this new technology.

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Today more than ever we need to know this nature. Learning about artificial intelligence is essential for all of us as citizens.The Finnish Ambassador to Spain explained the importance of understanding AI.

at the moment, It has over a million students enrolled in the course where 40% are women. Similarly, the graduate students of this practice are from 170 different countries.

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