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A new type of scam: They ask you to change your electricity meter, but they take over your WhatsApp

A new type of scam is growing in San Juan: They call you to change your electricity meter, but they take over your WhatsApp.

The person who almost fell into the trap recorded the call. According to his account, he received a call from someone at his workplace. Apparently they got the company's contact information on Google and they said the call was to download the meter change procedure.

So, to “complete the procedure”, they asked for a 6-digit code that just arrived on WhatsApp.

How does the scam work?

The scam works using the platform's security function. When you install the app for the first time, WhatsApp sends a verification code. To start, restore or activate your account on a new device, you must enter this number.

To take control of other people's accounts, criminals enter the victim's phone number into the installation process. And they have a verification code sent to that number. With some excuse, in this case to “complete the procedure” they make the person transfer them. They log in and immediately take over the account as if they were its owners.

Why do they want your account? Criminals can use it for various operations. The first thing is that they have access to your data, which helps them carry out other scams. In a complementary way, they can also change service methods, make purchases or register on websites, many of which contain spam, just through your profile on the messaging platform.

Recommendations to avoid falling for the WhatsApp code scam

  1. Do not share these WhatsApp codes with anyone.
  2. When in doubt (if you receive this type of request or others, such as a transfer, or in an emergency), it is always best to make a video call or phone call to make sure the person on the other side is who they say they are.
  3. Activate two-step verification.
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