Ukraine has introduced an AI-generated spokesperson

Provided by the Government of Ukraine Victoria SheaThe new Foreign Ministry spokesman, who will “comment officially to the media.” However, the brand new speaker is not like her predecessors or colleagues elsewhere in the world: she Creating artificial intelligence.

This Monday, at 3:33 AM, 9:33 PM Kyiv time, the official account of Volodymyr Zelensky's Government Chancellery posted a video just over a minute long in which the new employee of the administration introduces herself to the community.

Shi is a young-looking woman, with dark hair and her hair tied up. At her first show, she was seen wearing an all-black outfit with a pin in the colors of Ukraine on the lapel of her suit.

She gestures with her hands, and with the flag in the background, complemented by a solemn scene from the purse led by Dmytro Kuleba, she begins speaking to the camera, which focuses on her from the waist up.

“Dear members of the press and the general public, I welcome you. My name is Victoria Shi. I was created by the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs using artificial intelligence to provide you with the necessary information. High quality information On related topics,” the message begins.

Then he continues: “I am a digital person, which means that the text you hear is not read by a real person: it was generated by artificial intelligence. I will perform a number of tasks. I will inform the audience by providing Verified information On consular affairs of Ukraine. “I will provide the press with information about the work of consulates that protect the interests of Ukrainian citizens around the world.”

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Ukraine has introduced an AI-generated spokesperson

It then explains how to identify original audio-visual pieces based on a QR code Who appears on screen and where it leads.

“In the lower corner of the video you will see a QR code that leads to the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where the text of this video is published. My only account Original videos They are the ones that contain this code and the link to the official website,” he warned.

At the end of the video, Shi focuses on her face in a close-up. Then the new spokesperson says: “We give A step towards the future, I look forward to a fruitful cooperation.”

The recording is accompanied by a brief text on the social network

“Meet Victoria Shi, the digital representative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, created using artificial intelligence to provide timely updates on consular matters. For the first time in history, the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced a digital person who will formally comment before the media,” the tweet read.

Neither Kuleba nor Zelensky mentioned anything in their calculations. However, Sergei Kyslytsya, Ukraine's representative to the United Nations, said: “This is not just a step towards the future; it is also evidence of Ukraine's technological progress. Recognizing Ukraine's resilience in the midst of conflict, and the diversity of its population, thanks to its dynamic economy and progressive approach, this initiative reflects The state's commitment to innovation in all fields.

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