Trapped for hours in Agatha Christie’s mansion

various tourists They stayed Caught up for hours associated palace With the legendary crime writer, Christy Agathain worthy development it’s interesting Mystery novel. This unexpected situation has dumped visitors into a Painful experience and exciting and suspenseful scenarios Found in the famous works of the author.

The summer palace of the well-known writer b Greenway HouseIt is located in a picturesque and attractive location (Devonin the south west of the United Kingdom), is a popular destination for Christie lovers and intrigue lovers.

It is possible to visit this farm today

With a Georgian atmosphere, the novelist bought it 1938 Thank you economic income for hits sold. Currently, this is possible Visit this farm and let some sleep thereShow something never forget to all visitors.

And it is that the palace becomes a around where past and present They intertwine, and every corner seems to be hiding Secrets and revelations that just don’t offer A dose of excitement and entertainment for visitors, but also Honours Christie’s Literary Legacy.

Unexpected series

the facts which is now being investigated last friday It lasted for a few hours. by Unknown reasonsNearly a hundred tourists were trapped in the farm because A mysterious series of unexpected events.

First, the temporary tenants were let go incommunicado After a tree fell Huge storm It was in the area at that time. Subsequently, Access to the place is prohibited. A story that bears a certain resemblance to what happens in one of the writer’s most famous novels:Ten black“.

In summary, Ten people arrive at a billionaire’s luxurious mansionoff the coast of a remote island DevonAnd the chain of events begins to follow one another. events that prevent them from leaving the island. Mysteriously visitors They are killing one by one.

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Happy ending

In real life, after being Informed by palace staff that they could not leave the property, that is, the workers, through no fault of their own They were invited to visit the farm on a larger scale. A stands out Collect exotic itemsand they can Drink tea In one of the writer’s favorite rooms and cricket in the estate’s gardens.

although nervousness caught some tourists, The operators worked quickly to bring down the tree And to be able to move it away so that the access road is freed up, which is a fact Solved After a few hours of maintenance. To this day, tourists can explain Funny anecdote To their family and friends, and above all, with prof Happy ending.

Who is Agatha Christie?

the authorknown for its intricate plots and interesting characters, left A An indelible mark of the crime and mystery genreThis situation in the palace transported tourists to a realm Full of suspense and intellectual challenges.

It should be noted that Christie is one of the The most influential and well-known book in the history of both genres The above-mentioned. She was born on 15 September 1890 in Devon, and became A prolific author whose works have captivated millions of readers all over the world.

She was literary icon Their books have been adapted In movies, plays and TV shows. His works stand out for their ability to preserve Tension and suspense, which keeps the recipient intrigued until the last moment. Throughout her career, Agatha Christie wrote More than 60 novels and many short storiescreating a literary legacy that has lasted through different generations.

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