Rome: Night curfew due to the presence of wild boars in the streets | The municipality will fence Insugherata Park, where the animals will come

in the north Romea group of neighbors denounced the presence of Whole families pigs They wandered the streets of the city, and decided, in the absence of an immediate response from the authorities, to issue a decree “Night curfew”.

Animals’ approach people, not only at night, but Who walk the streets at all hours of the dayA group of Aurelio residents confirmed one of the neighborhoods where the passage of wild boars was recorded.

In fact, one of the female neighbors ran into this Wednesday with one of them getting injured in it. According to his story, he was walking his dog when he came across a Female wild boar and her young Next to a garbage dump. “Mother was looking at me and understood that maybe she was scared too, so I I grabbed my dog ​​and ran to hideThe woman said.

trying to escape, pig bite. “I was on my head, I screamed and my dog ​​came to my defense,” said the neighbor, who was helped by a motorcyclist who was driving down the street and then taken to the hospital.

due to the anxiety of the neighbors, Animal protection organizations have warned that wild boars are not aggressive animals. Massimo Vittori, director of the wildlife unit, explained that they only defend themselves “if they or their families feel threatened.”

The authorities of Rome, questioned by residents for the lack of answers, announced a package of measures to contain the situation, among them Fencing Insugherata Garden Areas Green lungs in the north of Rome, they assume that animals enter the city – and pass Collect more trash than usual.

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Wild boars, native to the African continent, are mammals that can weigh up to 130 kilograms and have a length of 1.60 meters.

It has been introduced by humans in areas of Europe, America and Oceania and has been included by the International Union for Conservation of Nature in the list of the 100 most harmful alien species in the world.

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