For the third time, NASA will try to launch its rocket on the moon

After two failed attempts, the IAEA confirmed the September 23 date. In case of suspension, it will be postponed to the 27th day.

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After two failed attempts, Container Confirmed that it will try to launch again towards Artemis Mon 1 next Friday 23 September.

The powerful rocket, which marks the return of space missions to our natural satellite, was scheduled to take off last Saturday, but due to a hydrogen leak in one of the engines, it was decided to abort the launch.

Aerospace Agency representatives United State I mentioned that their primary goal is to launch SLS (Space Launch System) To the moon on September 23. If the quit is suspended for any reason, the next attempt will be on the following Tuesday the 27th.

However, due to a Hydrogen Leak In one of its engines that prevented engineers from completing the fuel loading into the rocket, the Artemis 1 launch window was canceled and NASA gave an order to suspend the launch of the moon-orbiting rocket.

It is important to clarify that Artemis 1 will not carry astronauts on boardBut the future missions of the project depend on its success. The goal of returning to the moon – scheduled for 2025 –And from a base on our satellite, he took people to Mars.

Artemis 1

What if the next version is also suspended
For NASA to once again attempt to launch Artemis 1 toward the Moon, the agency’s scientists and engineers must first ensure previous issues are resolved and then calibrate the adjustments needed to arrive with everything ready on Friday 23rd, as well as assess the risks again from liftoff.

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Weather is another important factor. Strong winds, electrical storms and bad weather are often causes of delays. And weather conditions at this time of year in Florida don’t help.

If the next liftoff is canceled, NASA will have 4 days to resolve the issue and will attempt to take off again on Tuesday, September 27.

If both attempts are suspended, another launch period will begin in October: it will be from 17 to 31. In that period there will be 11 possible launch windows for the SLS on October 24, 25, 26 and 28.

Artemis 1 rocket and Orion capsule
The Artemis I rocket is the same height as a 32-story building. Its mission is to propel a relatively small, white spacecraft called Orion into orbit around the Moon.

This ship, in addition to the measurement and data-gathering equipment, will transport various things, such as an Amazon Alexa device. Special instruments inside Orion will track vital information about the spacecraft’s path, safety, and radiation absorption.

Its objective will be to test the paths of future Artemis II and Artemis III missions that will travel in the year 2025 with a human crew.

How to watch Artemis 1 live
NASA has several options to follow the mission’s development, launch, and future conferences:

*From the official NASA app

*On the NASA website


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