Gmail will integrate a new security tool to avoid phishing cases

Google announced that it will implement over the next few weeks a Gmail Verification System Through which companies can certify their identity and ownership of their email domain, using Brand Message Identification Indicators (Bimi).

The new security method for the company’s email service will allow for better filtering of fake addresses, and will make it easier for users to identify scams and fraud attempts.

For those who use Gmail The big difference this system will make will be visibleSince in the emails they receive from companies whose identity has been certified according to the Bimi standard, the verified logo will appear.

To validate this corporate image, Google will require third-party verification authorities, such as Endtrust Datacard or DigiCert, to issue a verified trademark certificate for trademark logos.

This way, when the user sees indications that the logo is approved, he can be sure that the email is coming from the company he claims is not a cybercriminal.

In terms of Gmail security systems, Bimi will give organizations the option to verify the ownership of their emails using the Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Compliance (DMARC) method, which will allow Google to better filter emails by separating legitimate messages from fake ones. potential. Of which.

Gmail systems will check for valid emails, and only then will they show the company’s corporate image in the avatar space of the inbox and within the email.

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