Ferrer Hydrogeology Company of Valencia has opened a branch in Canada

Valencia (EP). The Valencian Ferrer Corporation, headquartered in Museros and focused on groundwater control (dewatering), has set up a subsidiary in Canada with the aim of transferring its “106 years of continuous experience in applied applications to this country”. Hydrogeology in Engineering Business”.

In Valencia, the last real estate projects that Ferrer was involved in this year were the construction of 334 rental homes in the Camino Hondo del Grao sector, in collaboration with Avintia Proyectos y Construcciones and Kronos; and three other promotions for 110, 70 and 47 homes in the Les Moreres area at the request of Proyme Engineering and Construction, among other projects.

In addition to the creation of its subsidiary Ferrer Dewatering Canada LTD, Valencia has already relocated to its new Toronto headquarters a supply of specialized drilling machinery and pumping equipment for civil dewatering and Bypass Pumping. Building, construction and mining sectors.

The company also signed an agreement with the German company Hoelscher Wasserbau to strengthen the two companies’ presence in Canada through the new consortium Hoelscher Ferrer North America Inc.

“In this new consortium, we offer our extensive technical knowledge and innovation in digital modeling and drilling systems. For its part, Hoelscher Wasserbau contributes to the alliance with its extensive experience and capabilities in water treatment, signal management and control transmission,” explains, in a statement, CEO, Alexandre Ferrer.

The Valencia director details that “a firm commitment to promoting dewatering in Canada depends on the country’s macroeconomic stability.” “After analyzing different markets, we believe we can provide innovative technical solutions to achieve efficient drilling techniques and numerical computational models that improve and reduce operational costs associated with dewatering,” he says.

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“Moving our own machines to Canada is aimed at controlling and acquiring all the equipment and technology needed to carry out our specialty business there.
Thus, we maintain all autonomy in operations, to provide the best service to the client by avoiding implicit dependence on subcontracting”, comments the CEO of Valencian.

Ferrer Dewatering Canada LTD’s constitution joins other steps Ferrer has already taken to establish itself in Canada. For example, incorporation as a member of the Spanish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (CCCE), which provides the essential work in establishing commercial, economic and commercial relations between the two countries.

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