Alonso responds, Verstappen speaks and World Cup ignites ahead of Canada

victory Max Verstappen In the Azerbaijan Grand Prix to the background after the problems suffered by Ferrari at the Baku circuit, the problems left Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc have both exited the race When half of the total number of spins in the event has not been played. And theThe Dutchman took advantage of this disaster to emerge victorious from the event, but ‘Mad Max’ also made some comments after climbing on the podium did not go well for the Maranello team.

Apparently, as revealed Collide In one of his last posts, The defending F1 world champion no longer considers Leclerc an issue with his aspirations for his second successive title. Despite the fact that Monaco started the World Cup in a supernatural way and became a major inconvenience to the Dutchman, the defeat of the Red team in Baku ended with these words that nevertheless, Very poorly received by Mattia Binotto and especially the protagonist. The relationship between the two was very sane and very respectful, but Max did not hesitate to take Leclerc out of the fight, and he did it, moreover, in an inaccurate way: taking advantage of a technical error, not a human one.

Alonso is not silent either

If Verstappen’s comments set the World Cup on fire before the next game, which will be played in Canada on Sunday, And Fernando Alonso did not want to miss the opportunity to face the words of Alexander AlbonWho gave him a massive attack after Saturday’s rating tip An unsportsmanlike gesture from the Spaniard.

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Alonso went off track in the last minute of Q1 and Which caused the yellow flag to enter the scene, forcing the Thai to slow down and preventing him from making it to Q2. However, the problem came later when Albon directly accused the Spaniard of making him leave the ring so as not to leave him any chance of reaching the top 15, a few words to which the Spaniard replied flatly: “There was a lot of brake smoke even when I parked in the garage..

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