Fernandez accused Trump of “imposing a logic of blockade” on Venezuela “It condemns not the government, but all the people.”

president Alberto Fernandez On Wednesday accused the former president of the United States, Donald TrumpFrom “Impose the logic of prohibition” to Venezuela and generating immigration with this policy, by turning the country on the northern coast of South America into “a very difficult place to live”.

Trump has managed to impose nonsensical logic on Venezuela. Siege logic is so destructive because it is Do not condemn a government, but all the peopleAnd the Argentine president said in radio statements, who will begin his return to the country next Wednesday, after a Tour in France and Indonesia.

According to Fernandez, the harsh conditions imposed by the US blockade of the country led by Nicolás Maduro have determined that millions of Venezuelans have decided to migrate in recent years.

“The Venezuelans who immigrated in recent years did so because it was very difficult to live there, because of the blockade,” Keep the boss.

In 2020, Fernandez indicated that the Argentine government supported a report submitted by Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, on the situation Venezuela is going through.

Fernandez warned that countries “must understand” in this sense, that it is the Venezuelans who must “solve their problems”, without impositions from other governments.

Venezuelans must solve their problems. Human rights must be respected and electoral processes must be clean. In this we have to help the people of Venezuela. But we can’t force anythingHe confirmed.

This Monday, in an interview he gave to the global news channel French 24 And from Bali, where he participated in the G20 summit, the Argentine head of state affirmed that the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, to promote dialogue between the government and the Venezuelan opposition, is an “important step.”

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Instead, he asserted thatTrump did whatever was necessary to divide Venezuela and leave it in isolation.”

“Today, part of the (Venezuelan) opposition continues to question the government of (Nicolas) Maduro. They must restore dialogue, Finding a mechanism for democratic coexistence and resolving their differences.added in dialogue with French 24.

On Friday, Fernandez participated, during the Tour of France, in Paris in what is called the “Meeting of Venezuela” with Macron, the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, and representatives of the ruling party and the Venezuelan opposition. The solution to the Venezuelan crisis must be found by the Venezuelans themselves The international community has a duty: to cooperate to facilitate dialogue between the partiesHe said then.

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