Our Father: A Netflix documentary of the doctor who vaccinated 50 women

Imagine discovering that you have more siblings than you think from day to day. Unbelievable, isn’t it? But, our fatherThe New Documentary To watch on Netflix, he shows us that reality, once again, is beyond imagination and human creativity can surprise us very much.

Reality finds its most sinister side in this documentary film which represents one of Netflix’s Most Surprising First Show in May 2022. The streaming giant has chosen the kind of true crime stories that have become a vital part of our desktops – since Tinder scammer Until bad vegan- And the stories never cease to amaze us. However, it seems that our father She will be able to intimidate us more than any fictional feature film.

Thanks to Jacob Ballard’s DNA test, the truth behind Dr. Klein’s clinic has been discovered. Netflix

When will our father be released?

The May 11 Netflix offers us a file the first show This is amazing documentary film Which promises to leave us with our mouths open.

What is our father talking about?

Dr. Donald Klein was recognised Doctor in the United States. His high efficacy rate with his patients, women seeking to conceive, highlighted him as one of the best doctors in fertility issues. However, decades later a mysterious secret was discovered: Donald Cline He used his own sperm to fertilize his patients. Hence being the biological father of what is around him 50 to 70 people.

What is the story of the documentary Nostro Padre?

ABANA combines drama with real-life testimonies of Dr. Klein.Courtesy of Netflix.

In recent years, it has become very common, especially in the United States, to send data and DNA to specialized sites to trace our heritage. However, everything changed in 2014, when Jacob Ballard I decided to make one DNA test, discovering that in his findings he had about seven half-brothers. Curiosity mixed with distrust, and as Ballard continued his investigations, they came up with the answer: All seven of the siblings’ mothers were in the same fertility clinic.

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1979 was the year that Donald Cline decides to open his own Fertility Clinic In Minneapolis, during the 1980s, he was considered one of the leading figures on fertility issues in the United States. But Ballard’s investigations continued, and the truth was discovered. Klein used his own sperm to fertilize his patients.. At least, so far, there are 50 known cases, but it is expected that up to 70 people have been vaccinated by Cline. In 2017, Klein was charged with obstruction of justice for denying Ballard’s charges in 2014 and paying a fine of just $500. In addition, his medical license was revoked, even though he was already retired.

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