‘Entrevías’ sweeps the world thanks to Netflix and becomes the #1 series that doesn’t speak English

The Spanish series Entrevías was already a surprising success during its broadcast on Telecinco, but is now an unexpected international success thanks to its inclusion in the Netflix catalog. In fact, it was during the week of May 23-29 The most watched non-English language series on the platform.

What a success

In fact, “Entrevías” has reached 61.62 million hours played during that period, which is virtually identical to the 62.49 million “Welcome to Eden” achieved during its second week on the streaming service. The latter is an original production of it, considered a huge hit and has already been renewed for a second season…

Of course, interviews. It’s not the first non-Netflix Spanish series to score an equivalent victory. ‘La cocinera de Castamar’ was also the two-week leader, but at its peak reached 51.57 million hours in one week, well below the figure for Entrevías, which it achieved over the weekend. 10 of 71 countries, including Spain, the United States, France, Australia, Argentina, Brazil or the United Kingdom.

The good news for Netflix is ​​that He still has a second season to add to the platform, but in principle this is the end of the series. At least that’s how Telecinco promoted its first show. Another thing is that the huge success of “Entrevías” may cause that to change, either with a decision from the Mediaset series or because Netflix wants to squeeze it a bit more. We must be careful.

What is clear is that they are in luck on NetflixSince Entevías’ victory coincided with the fact that Stranger Things 4 broke the record for the most-watched series on the platform during its first weekend.

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