How to clear WhatsApp cache and what benefits it brings to the cell phone

WhatsApp cache. (Photo: blog.phonehouse)

mobile apps How The WhatsApp They are in a large number of smart phones around the world, because it is possible to receive written messages, photos, memes, videos and even documents that facilitate the productivity and entertainment of users; however, Saving all these files also affects the operation of mobile applications.

Many people may have found that the app is getting slower than usual or even having problems downloading or receiving photos and videos, This is due to the saturation of the cache, This is where temporary files that the application has to create in order to access them are stored frequently.

Cleaning this warehouse is important Because the accumulation of data can cause some problems in running applications, such as the fact that it freezes or runs slowly.

Although one of the first procedures they usually perform when a apps Not working well Check the latest update; When this is not the answer, you also choose to delete and reinstall the app; however Clearing cache data can be a less tedious and useful process.

Cache is a space where applications store temporary data (accounts, files, databases, and settings).

here they are Some benefits Obtained when clearing the cache of a mobile device:

– Clear WhatsApp cache It will help free up some space Mobile. This usually weighs more than 1 GB.

– Likewise, clear the app’s cache as well It will prevent the application from encountering errors, Which usually prompt the user to forcefully close the app.

– In the same way, and if you wish, you can also It will delete some unnecessary files Which is only used to update or install WhatsApp.

Mobile phone with WhatsApp logo.  (Photo: iProfessional)
Mobile phone with WhatsApp logo. (Photo: iProfessional)

In Android devices, to perform this operation, the user must go to the menu Settingsthen to the tab Applications And in that list you should look for The WhatsApp.

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Once you get there, go to the option storageWhere you will find the button Clear cache.

The next step will be to tap on it and wait and Maher.

Delete WhatsApp cache on Android.  (Photo:
Delete WhatsApp cache on Android. (Photo:

for users The operating system From iOSThe process will be slightly different, as it needs to be done From instant messaging app.

Once in, you have to press Adjust then the option data and storage.

There, the next step will be to move to Storage useHere you will find a list of conversations with the size of each one.

By clicking on each chat individually, the user will have the option to choose What access files do you want to deleteregardless of whether it’s documents, photos, or videos.

It is worth noting that The information will not be removed from the application The user can Download it again later.

Delete WhatsApp cache on iPhone.  (Photo: Spanish)
Delete WhatsApp cache on iPhone. (Photo: Spanish)

It is important not to confuse files that are saved in the phone’s memory, since they cannot be opened via WhatsApp after downloading.

anyway It is also useful to manage these permissions So that the device is not saturated with videos or photos that are not of interest to users.

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