Engineering, Law and Management, some of the most coveted graduate degrees in Los Angeles

Postgraduate degrees in engineering, law, and business administration are among the most sought-after degrees by students Latin americaaccording to philip personboss It means body mass index in the region.

The reason for this is to take into account the activities with the best and most likely career options, the director of the company that organizes events for the international education sector explained.

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“Engineering mainly because of the constant development of infrastructures, management and accounting sciences because companies need managers to run them and in law because the whole business, all the activity is regulated by law, these are the three axes that work best,” the plot.

Studying a postgraduate degree increases the odds of getting a better job, as it expands the student’s CV, in addition to the fact that doing it abroad allows interaction with another language, which also adds to the search for better jobs.

The countries most requested by students are England, Canada s United Stateexplained person Within the framework of Expo Posgrados 2022, an event that will bring together study programs from more than 80 exhibitors from 13 different countries. The exhibition will be held on September 20 in Monterrey, 24 and 25 in Mexico City and on the 27th of Guadalajara.

Australian universities guest of honorFrance, Ireland, Portugal, Holland and Spain s Norway They will also offer their study programs.

Pearson emphasized that after a graduate degree is completed, most universities offer job boards and corporate relationships that can put graduates in good positions.

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He emphasized that some programs offer discounted scholarships, although even without subsidies the prices can be reached, as there are programs from 6 thousand to 10 thousand euros, although this depends on the countries.

“It is not fair for everyone to find a scholarship, (…) but it is important to keep in mind that it is an investment. The exhibition is important to open up opportunities that were not even thought of,” he said.

The exhibition will be attended by representativesHuman Resources Development Fund And the Mexican Institution For education, technology and science, institutions that offer scholarships and funding options for people who wish to study a postgraduate degree, and organizations such as the International Association of Students of Economics and Commerce, which offers linking Mexicans with international companies to grow the professional way.


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