This is the ice hockey field that Louisiana Lopilato owns in her home in Canada

Luisana Lopilato s Michael Buble They have a real dream of life in Canada, where they live in a mansion where, as you might imagine, they lack nothing, not even an ice hockey rink. Fabulous.

The Argentine actress shared pictures of her new passion on social networking sites and showed a challenge on the wonderful skating rink with her husband and the father of her children, Michael Buble.

The couple revealed their abilities as well as the shortcomings of the ice hockey rink, although the actress has shown that she defends herself a little in this very popular system in Canada.

Lou vs. Mike Foll III is coming. “Without a doubt one of the funniest challenges we’ve ever faced,” he wrote. Luisana Lopilato On social networks, before what was a playful duel with the singer.

“We’ll show what a typical Canadian sport is. It’s very likely you’ll hit me,” he said. louisana. “Similar to football in Argentina,” he commented. Michael Bubleby accepting his wife’s challenge. The challenge was to throw three discs from one arc to another where Buble was the winner.

However, the track they showed on Instagram lopilate s Buble It has a certain detail: It’s located in the basement of the couple’s residence in Burnaby, Vancouver, Canada.

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