Electronic Arts will announce a new Battlefield in the spring and the game will launch at the end of the year

The all-new version will take advantage of the new generation of consoles and support more players than ever before.

Just over two years later The final installment of the saga, Electronic Arts is already preparing the next Sequel to BattlefieldThis is according to information the editor shared this afternoon, as part of a conference call for the financials and where, specifically, she announced she would. Announcing the new battlefield this springWith the aim of launching it at the end of the year.

The game is expected to be completed even before previous deliveriesAdditionally, Andrew Wilson, president of Electronic Arts, has indicated that the game will support more players than ever before and “will take full advantage of the power of the next generation of consoles to ensure it’s exactly the game fans want to play.” Daniel Ahmed that Development is going well The game is expected to be completed even before the previous installments.

As a franchise, Battlefield has had its ups and downs in recent years. Although it wasn’t perfect, Battlefield 1 Praised for its slightly explored FPS historical period footage that doesn’t seem fully compatible with the Battlefield mode. However, things did take a 180-degree turn with Battlefield V which, despite its return to WWII, was so. He was beaten by the fans.

Little corresponds seen in the new Battlefield Veraniego show EA celebrated last year, as EA’s studio chief, Laura Miele, said, “With each generation of consoles, DICE raises the bar for excellence in audio and visual displays. We are creating epic fights of scale and precision never before seen.” When Millie spoke about That being said, fans were able to see premature prototypes of massive, unit-filled battlefields, as well as a great demonstration of the company’s new gesture technology.

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As part of the same conference call, EA also announced Plans after purchasing Codemasters So is the release date of Apex on Switch.

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