The UK will have a taxi airport this year

The UK will launch a ‘mini airport’ for drones landing and take off to carry passengers (Mummified) In Coventry in late 2021.

Thanks will build work Multilateral cooperation between Hyundai companies And Urban Air Port, as well as between the UK governments and Coventry City Council.

The construction includes an investment of $ 1.65 million, and the airport is expected to complete construction in November this year. The date of completion of the work contradicts the reality regarding accreditation Mummified, Which remains a future option for passenger transportation.

Despite the lack of this service, Hyundai has detailed various aspects of the business, which will be adjacent to Rico Stadium and the Coventry Arena metro station, on the province’s A444 motorway. The facility will have a 40-meter retractable landing pad, and according to Hyundai, the mini-airport will have loading areas and even waiting rooms with amenities below the landing and takeoff platform.

The takeoff and landing platform at Coventry Airport for drones in the United Kingdom

For its part, the Urban Air Port highlights that the collector will have a modular structure, so many pieces can be changed without having to completely modify the installation. Additionally, it highlights that the physical footprint – the impact on the urban landscape – is 60 percent less than that of a traditional heliport. However, the comparison must be subject to scrutiny, since the diameter of the landing and takeoff platform with a diameter of 40 meters is much greater than that of a conventional heliport.

Despite the lack of airlift services using drones, the Malloy Aviation Corporation has pledged to hold public demonstrations from the new airport by the end of 2021.

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Currently, at least 15 companies, including Uber, Boeing, Airbus and Hyundai, have divisions dedicated to implementing unmanned airlift. However, its commercial implementation is estimated for 2023.

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