Corcovado, Wembley Stadium or Cathedral, antiviral vaccination sites

The famous Christ of Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro, Wembley Stadium, and a cathedral in London or Disneyland in California are among the most surprising coronavirus vaccination centers in the world.

Here is a tour of some of them from the hands of AFP photographers:

– Injection redemption –

In Brazil, the second most affected country by the epidemic, is the Corcovado site, where the statue of Christ the Redeemer is located overlooking Rio de Janeiro, which was symbolically chosen to launch the national immunization campaign. Faced with stunning landscapes, Dulcinea da Silva, one of the first to be inoculated, could only reach out to her statue’s portrait, with the vaccination certificate in hand.

– Vaccinations at the legendary Wembley Stadium –

Like the Sports Palace in Lyon (central France), many sporting venues have been temporarily converted into vaccination centers around the world, especially in the United Kingdom. As in Wembley, London, where the Venerable Lords Stadium, the most sacred of English cricket, opened its doors to candidates for immunization. “It’s a symbolic place,” Gerardine Henegan, a man of seventy to come to be vaccinated, is thrilled. “I love!”.

– To the vote of the members –

The Anglican Cathedral of Salisbury, west London, has also opened its doors to vaccination candidates. Nick Papadopoulos asserts: “For 800 years, the cathedral had two reasons for its existence: to give glory to God and serve his people.” “This is the most effective way to do both,” he adds, as one of the parishioners receives an injection, and the great organs shriek.

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– Vaccination on the bus –

If you do not go to the vaccine, the vaccine will come to you. At least in the Reims region of eastern France, where local authorities have hired a “Vacci’bus” to vaccinate the elderly in rural communities. “For people of a certain age who live in slightly remote villages and cannot move around easily, this is a real blessing,” congratulates Dr. Jeremy Miklo, a volunteer doctor with the local fire and rescue service. “(Without” Vacci’bus “) I would not have attended, because I hate asking others for services,” confirms Mary Jean Grogan, a retiree.

– Syrian refugees –

In Jordan, Syrian refugees are also being vaccinated in a car, a minibus parked in front of a clinic in Mafraq, near the Syrian border. Fatima Ali, who fled the war in her country seven years ago with her husband and six children, shouts, “I am very happy to have been vaccinated. May God bless all of you and put an end to this epidemic.”

– Get vaccinated at Disneyland –

After ten months shutting down due to the pandemic, Disneyland Amusement Park has reopened in Anaheim, California, as an immunization center, with the ambition to administer 7,000 injections per day.

– In theaters and football clubs –

Argentina is also heading to places out of the ordinary. In the Nuñez neighborhood of Buenos Aires, River Plate Club is one of 28 centers outside the hospital where health workers are vaccinated in Buenos Aires. And since the weekend, the historic Pasaje de los Carrdamientos that leads to the Teatro Colón box office has been serving as a virus hotspot.

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