Duarte Sports and Sports Medicine Association Conference

San Francisco de Macorís.– In the extraordinary presence of leaders and coaches from various sports disciplines, as well as physical education teachers, a workshop on sports medicine was held, organized by the Duarte County Sports Federation and the Duarte Sports Medicine Association under the guidance of the Federation Dominican College of Sports Medicine directed by Dr. Milton Pinedo.

The activity began with the singing of the national anthem, and immediately Mayor Sekyu Ng gave words of welcome as he praised the development of the activity, expressing that the municipal council is in the best condition to continue cooperating with the entire movement. Sports, especially with such training days, are at the highest level.

Then Dr. Luis Adolfo Dominguez of the Executive Committee of UDEPRODU and President of the Boxing Federation thanked all the participants on behalf of the sports federation and called for the continuation of training for the best sports practices.

The medical specialists from the sports area who participated in the activity were Elias Perez, Roberto Morla and José Joaquín Nunez Valerio, who provided their knowledge to the very satisfied attendees and asked valuable questions that were wisely answered.

Professor William Hernandez, President of Duarte County Athletic Association. Images courtesy of Orlando Roque of SNTP.

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