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The Citma delegation in Holguín approaches Cuban Science Day, celebrated each year on January 15, with extensive work by the entire Holguin scientific community during 2021 that has accompanied the Provincial Government Department in search of the transformation and development of the Territory from science, technology and innovation.

123 projects are implemented in the territory, of which 19 are related to national programmes, scientific results are subject to tax on large programmes, programs and projects for the implementation of the national plan for economic and social development until 2030.

The efficient use of energy in strategic sectors such as agriculture and tourism can be highlighted in Holguin Province as strengths; development of renewable energy sources from biomass and solar energy; pilot plant for the production of biodiesel from used vegetable oils; Work with four commercial corn varieties and lines to form potential hybrids. The production chain of UEICAH, the University of Holguín and the Guatemalan Company of Mayarí has ​​also been realized.

In the search for sustainable tourism development, the coordination of coastal environmental management stands out; seaweed management on Guardalavaca and Estero Ciego beaches; As well as the rehabilitation and sanitation of the beaches of Esmeralda and Yuraguanal.

Undoubtedly, health achievements predominate with genetic ataxia projects in the fields of neurobiology; In natural and conventional medicine, safety and efficacy of the natural product “CBA-100” as an adjuvant in the treatment of Covid-19 patients and in oncology, a protocol for investigation of abdominal tumors in children and an educational strategy for increasing knowledge about the risk of cervical cancer since adolescence.

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Holguin Science has worked to solve or mitigate environmental problems in the region with new contributions and relevant impacts on the use and management of natural resources.

During the year, enhanced coastal zone protection emerges as part of the Life Task, stretching along 200 km of the territory’s northern coast, with initiatives such as solid waste collection and mangrove planting.

Notable entities in the Territory include Hotel Playa Pesquero, The Raudal Company, Rocazul Biopark, the projects “Economic Assessment of Coastal Marine Ecosystems in Protected Areas and for Tourism Use in the Province of Holguín” and “Ecoarte” as well as the “Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Cluster of the University of Moa” , among other things.

Taking into account the contributions to the elimination of ozone-depleting substances, the Dutch leadership of Citma highlighted the Cauce company, the children’s hospital “Octavio de la Concepción y de la Pedraja” and the service company “Comandante René Ramos Latour”. The Commandante Gustavo Machine is a nickel mechanic company.

Despite the epidemiological situation imposed by Covid 19, there were many events that took place during the year, among them Innovation Day and Expoambiente 2021, which personally and hypothetically demonstrated the progress in Holguin science.

The many accomplishments of the Holguin scientific community but the challenges they come with to celebrate next January 13th, the Cuban Flag Day regional event in honor of our scientists, innovators and researchers who have the premise of doing science from the heart.

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