Dr. Guillermo Capuya gave details of Silvina Luna’s health: “They tried to extubate her but she is very weak”

Guillermo Capuya spoke about the health of Silvina Luna

Silvina Luna She was admitted to the intensive care unit of the Italian hospital, sedated and on a ventilator. The word spread Britto Angel Tuesday night in L (USA)There, he gave details of the case of the model awaiting a kidney transplant, a case that arose from the poor practice of a cosmetic intervention by the doctor. Hannibal LutukYu

This Wednesday the doctor William Kabuya Talk about the state of health of the previous subscriber great brother. was on the phone with Georgina Barbarossa In the program run by Telefe, Barbarossa And there he explained, without technical details: “Sylvina’s painting was accurate yesterday There was an attempt to extubate her but that was not possible as she is generally very weakThe professional explained that although he was not ill, he was aware of the condition.

while talking, The professional Lío Pecoraro consulted: “There are two cases, so that people understand, the bacteria she previously had that prevented her from entering the possibility of a transplant was complicated by this other situation, that is, there are two cases,” wondered and explained the committee member, to whom Kabuya explained: “It’s not exactly that it depends on one thing, it depends on a combination of things, and based on that the patient is taken off the breathing tube, maintaining the proper line. You have to see if your body responds on its own or not.”

Meanwhile, Guillermo added: “With regard to the compensation that Silvina suffered, I understand that it was not something severe but rather a slow situation and of course always being in the hospital is better. The Italian hospital is an outstanding hospital, obviously it makes the situation much easier and gives you some relief Of course, medicine is not 100% accurate, but obviously, as I said, you should always try to minimize the risk and somehow keep it in a very good place with very good professionals.”

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He explained, “The kidney failure that afflicted her resulted from the formation of stones. The methacrylate results in hypercalcemia, which can end in this kidney failure.” His condition is delicate and since he is on dialysis he is very weak compared to the others“.

Regarding the kidney transplant the model hopes to get, Kabuya has been candid: “Your transplant cannot take place until your body is in perfect condition.”

Sources close to TV show They confirmed that the model was hospitalized for more than 10 days and that she was admitted on guard duty on June 13, accompanied by her younger brother Ezequiel, who also offered to be her donor, according to Silvina herself.

The message shared by Silvina Luna before entering the operating room (Instagram)

Health problems of the previous participant Big brother It started due to the plastic surgery performed by the doctor in 2011 Hannibal Lutokiwho at the time had biopolymers injected into her buttocks as part of the treatment that ended up producing it Hypercalcemia and kidney failure in your body. For this fact, the Oral and Correctional Court No. 28 of the City of Buenos Aires sentenced the professional to four years in prison—and five years’ ban from practicing medicine—for grievous injury in a case initiated jointly by Silvina, Stevie Xipolitakis, Gabriela Trinchi And Pamela Sosa.

Since then, Luna has been waiting for a kidney transplant and needs it at the same time Hemodialysis three times a week In the four-hour sessions since his kidneys stopped working. At the beginning of June, he said that “the path to transplantation has begun” but everything was delayed by a bacterium he had contracted.

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The model explained at the time her treatment routine: “I do this 3 times a week for 4 hours. Later, Luna opened up and told her followers how she feels: “Sometimes I get tired, everything hurts, and I just don’t get over it. This is day by day based on how I feel and organizing the day. Send me good energy and we’ll get out of this,” she closed excitedly.

And so, in the last hours, Several celebrities expressed themselves on their social networks after the news broke She is sedated and on a ventilator in intensive care, and they begin a prayer chain for the model in intensive care.

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