‘Don’t forget where you come from’: Julián Coronel’s message after working in Canada in various professions

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Julián Coronel is a famous singer who is a member of Los cantores Coco y Coronel. His bankruptcy last year prompted him to re-evaluate his living conditions and immigrate to Canada in search of new horizons. With this, he sought to continue responding to economic issues and his company’s payroll, without neglecting his aides.

In a recent interview with the entertainment program La Red, he talked about his journey that led him from becoming a successful singer to taking on various jobs in a country in order to respond to the financial obligations left by the pandemic.

“I had my business, and I had a family hardware store for 12 years during which we brought goods from Canada and Panama, where we had vendors all over the country. When you start closing and you start keeping the payroll, you start paying the rent, they don’t send the goods, and you start looking bad. Sellers were charging customers and no cash”, said the artist in his story.

As a result of the epidemic, Coronel went bankrupt with his hardware store and had to sell the property he acquired over time in order to meet the various obligations he had with creditors and employees of his company.

Once the flights open, I make the decision to go abroad, I have a friend who has a cleaning company in Canada and he says ‘Partner if you don’t feel sorry for me, I’ll give you a job here’. In that year and a half I sold everything, a year and a half with no bills, I got a loan and actually owed that money to be able to pay back my kids, rent, utilities, and go from owning my house to paying rent, so I said “let’s do it,” he said. Artist “La Red”.

Instagram Taken by @koronell10
Instagram Taken by @koronell10

Julian did not think twice and decided to go to Canada where his great friend was waiting for him to help him with the cleaning company that he legally set up, he sent him to different places day and night, he also helped him get a rent for 15 days and the singer took care of feeding them.

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“He worked two shifts, from 7 to 3 and then from 4 to 12 at night in a factory, Sometimes I had jobs in a warehouse I had to clean early in the morning and being a frozen warehouse I had to dress myself all the items and work was 30 minutes inside and rest 15 outside because it was so coldThe singer said to the gossip program on the Karakol channel.

The hardest thing he went through was the long working hours in the shopping center and museums, he started working from seven in the morning and stayed overtime until five in the afternoon.

“There were 4 floors and I cleaned the glass and cleaned the mirrors. My respect to the people who clean everywhere, it is very difficult. One day they called me around 1 am and told me that if I was available and I had to get up early, I would goThe former member of ‘Los cantores de Chipuco’ has been added.

He never felt sorry for doing this kind of work, because he assured that he was not stealing, and on the contrary, he felt that he was earning money with dignity. He returned to the country to resume his career and thus be able to realize new dreams, and was able to fulfill his financial obligations with a lot of effort and dedication.

“Don’t forget where you came from, humble one. My eldest son told me it was worth admiring. The hardest thing was being there alone”, Julian Coronel wrapped up for La Red.

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