Doctors squabble over a ‘multi-denominational’ barbecue at Al Deek Hospital in Ensenada

About 500 people participated this afternoon in a huge barbecue held at Al Deek Hospital in Ensenada. As reported in this paper, it had the endorsement of the county health department and angered many doctors because it was a major event in the midst of a major outbreak of coronavirus cases across the country, and with the Omicron variant on the raft.

As this newspaper may know, it is a farewell celebration of the year that was held behind the building of that hospital. They told EL DIA via WhatsApp: “There is a lot of anger among the hospital doctors because in the context of the pandemic and while they are spreading the message that you should take care of yourself, they have had a huge barbecue.”

“They make a rack of ribs and estimate there are about 500 people there,” they added. Although it is performed outdoors, the risk of infection is present, which is why many health professionals have disclosed their complaints.

“The barbecue is organized by the Ministry of Health in Buenos Aires. It is a kind of tradition that comes from the Scioli government but has been suspended due to the epidemic,” the same sources said. They also said that when the doctors got to work they “found the whole hospital hanging around, with about twenty ribs of grill, ovens set up by a catering company, and staff from 7am.”

There is also a rumor in the corridors of that health center that Governor Axel Kiselov himself is invited to participate and that other authorities of the ministry will say that he is. “It’s the end of the year party. We don’t know what they are celebrating,” the doctors who contacted this newspaper maintained, because they confirmed that “at this moment there is nothing to celebrate.”

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