The Two Places Where Scenes From Season 5 Of The Crown weren’t allowed to be filmed – Eme – 12/17/2021

the crown Is one of the most chains Netflix Today, but tells the secret life of British crown It is not an easy task, as in politics, you have to constantly negotiate.

To all this, we must add an additional seasoning: the fifth installment matters no less than a season Prince Charles and Mrs. Di. The rejection was greater and the prohibitions harsher. In this way, the production was prevented from entering two symbolic buildings, the heroes of this story.

Throughout these four seasons, Netflix He had to be able to represent the dwellings Buckingham, Windsor, Balmoral and Sandergham, as well Westminster Abbey, after refusing Royal family photographed in those places.

But now two more buildings have been added that will not be in the new installment and must be represented by copies of the most similar.

Althorpe House

The farm was, no more, no less, than a house Lady Di In her childhood and the place where she was buried. For more than five centuries belong to the family Spencer It is the place that preserves the secrets and memories of life Diana.

It is currently owned by Charles Spencerdeceased brother PrincessAlthough it usually opens its doors and some sectors for tourist visits, it flatly refused Netflix Insert your cameras onto the property. Reason? In his own words, he disagrees on how the series tells a story Lady Di He feels he should “honor his memory”.

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Eton College

The symbolic institution hosted all kinds of personalities from various fields. Hugh Laurie, Tom Hiddleston, Boris Johnson and former British Prime Minister David Cameron are just a few of the characters who wandered into those classrooms.

the Prince William-Next to Harry– They studied in Eton College Because of the years of separation, the screenwriters have thought of a section in history to show the repercussions of this news in the private lives of each of the members kings.

However, the people behind this exclusive institution flatly refused to lend their registry facilities. We don’t want to have anything the crown‘,” they commented in the local media.

But for this site, production has already prepared a bold plan. Filming will be at Winchester College, in Hampshire, which is considered a “historic rival” to Eton.

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