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Many job seekers in Canada assume that the best time to connect with Canadian employers is when companies are looking to hire candidates. Of course, applying for open and advertised jobs is a very sound strategy.

There are tens of thousands of foreign workers who find work in Canada every year!

The main component of immigration to Canada is work. Unless you are one of the lucky few, you will need the help of your employer to start a new life in Canada. UNIVA.

If you are a food service employee looking to expand your horizons, you will be pleased to know that you can find a job in Canada doing what you specialize in. Photo: Wavebreakmedia

These are the questions immigration asks you when you arrive in Canada: Answer honestly

What to do to get a job in Canada

If you wish to immigrate to Canada as a worker, including being selected by a company in the Express Entry system, you must establish a relationship with your employer. The only question is when you should start building this relationship.

Most candidates wait for their employer to indicate their willingness to hire an international candidate to start a relationship.

This can work through your affiliate website, such as jobsaloon.comwhich has been very successful in identifying companies with open positions for international candidates.

Do you want to live and work in Canada? This is the new call and requirements for students and professionals

However, many candidates who find employment and immigrate to Canada find that their chances of success are greatly increased if they establish a relationship well before the job posting stage.

Do you want to immigrate to Canada? The program offers the possibility to do this as a caregiver for the elderly

Each employer offers a different salary for people who dedicate themselves to this work, but the average is about $1,900 CAD for 44 hours of weekly work. Photo: LSOphoto

Could it be that it is easier to convince a Canadian employer from your ethnic group to hire you and apply for a Temporary Work Permit (LMIA) than it is for a Canadian employer with an LMIA to hire you as a random stranger?

Who knows. The point is that time and time again, at Uniivaa, they have stated that they have succeeded in helping international candidates find jobs in Canada by knowing which employers they can talk to and helping international candidates start a relationship with employers,

Whether or not they have an open offer and you want to start a new life in Canada, we suggest you do the same.


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