A picture of the sky of Villa Travol, awarded by NASA – Argentina

every day , Container Distinguish people from all over the world For the aesthetic and educational value of The pictures they managed to take. it is determinant picture Argentine How Today’s starAPOD for its acronym in English (Astronomical Image of the Day).

It is, by websiteAnd the NASA shares images of your choice of celestial bodies and phenomena recorded by amateurs themselveswith their cameras. Appearing there has a lot Weight and importance For fans of astronomy and photography, this Argentinian was no exception.

Award winning photography. Gerard Ferrarino. Source: @g.ferra

This time it was the Argentine’s turn Gerardo Verano, who signed up and sent some pictures he took in his spare time. Among them, the winner was: Captivity Taken last August 28 at Villa TravolIt is a small town in Neuquén, 100 kilometers from Bariloche. In it, you can see a file The Milky Way in all its dimensions on a winter’s night.

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“My second APOD!! Surprised me yesterday noon, I got an email from NASA telling me they have I selected one of my photos, such as the astronomical picture for today, for Saturday. Getting APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day) is one of the The most important awards in the world of astrophotographywhere they are chosen by two NASA astrophysicists and description made by a professional astronomerGerardo excitedly wrote on his personal Instagram account when he received the news.

Gerard Ferrarino. Source: @g.ferra

in November 2020 had already With this same confession. At that time, it was a file The photo was taken in Khor Al Bahiain Rio Negro. In it, you can see a file A landscape consisting of dunes and two people walking under a starry sky. You can even see Andromedathe galaxy closest to our own, 2.5 million light-years away.

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