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Can you imagine the woman you chose to spend the rest of her days with, living a double life? This is exactly what happened to Christopher Thomas and Peter Sherat of Wales, who were horrified after discovering that his wife, Karen Sherat, was secretly marrying.

The first of them married the woman on March 1, 2013, but did not know that she was already married. The Cardiff Court It was learned that Shirat had married David Shakespeare, her first husband, in August 1998. The media reported that the couple had a daughter. .

Seven years later, they separated and the following year the woman married her second husband, Peter Sherat, in September 2006. The relationship lasted 12 months and they decided to divorce; however, During that time, Karen met Christopher Thomas, an engineer whom she contacted on a dating site in 2012.. Four months later they got engaged and married.

Thomas found out that his wife was already married when I found a divorce petition for Peter Sherat. They immediately ended their relationship.

The woman was sentenced to Four months in prison and paid £100 in 2014.

“He was always hiding things from me.”

At the time, Peter said he became suspicious when he thought Karen was lying to him:She told me a lot of lies about where she was and what she was doing. Our joint accounts were always empty and I was struggling financially to keep us afloat. When I asked her about our financial problems she was evasive and quiet. I always hide things‘, he announced.

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Marrying two wives It’s a criminal offense here in the UK, but other countries may have little or no consequences for conflicting ones, so this often happens in two different countries. The level of deception required to carry out the farce is intense and exhausting for those involved, including the pernicious at its center.Zahra Babani, a lawyer who specializes in family law, said.

It’s always shocking when it happens and leaves the couple completely shocked. If you suspect that your partner is committing two wives, you need two things: Some tangible evidence and report the crime to the police. Some might hire a private investigator to get clues, but you can’t just think of a hunch – strong evidence is needed. It is also always recommended to speak with a family attorney or professional who can discuss your options.“, he added.

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