“Disappointed, but not surprising”

The American media chose two escape routes to cover the failure of the operation Team USA In the 2023 FIBA ​​World Cup, some did not even talk about the defeat of the team he led Steve Kerr And in the bronze medal match against Canada, which achieved a historic metal by winning and finishing in third place. New York timesFor example, it was defeated in the semifinals by Germany, the eventual champion, with a flawed title: “The Americans, due to the lack of forces, They lost to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals.” Nothing was said about the Grand Final and the title of the German national team, nor about the success of neighboring Canada and the return without medals. The Americans spent the most. More than five decades without tying up two World Cups without biting the metal.

the espn His chronicle on the cover is titled “Team USA”. Failure to get the medal And loses in overtime to Canada” and at home highlighted the entertaining character and with several NBA winks in the game for third place. The American series covered the victory of Germany, who lifted her first world crown. The athlete Alron covered the German as well as he deserved, and in his analysis of the American defeat, he wanted to sweeten the result. Why don’t we win the World Cup? It’s not an absolute defeat for Team USA“, they are the title.

It is the truest and most severe means with the American setback is USA Today, which goes with everything from the title to the intro. USA score in the FIBA ​​World Cup It’s disappointing, but not surprising.He heads the newspaper. “The defeat to Canada for the bronze medal is not surprising given the form submitted,” they add in the article’s editorial. Fox News titles with the “defeat medal” against Canada and is known as ‘Sudden defeat’ Setback in the semi-finals against Germany.

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he Washington Post Choose descriptive titles and highlight americans “They go empty-handed for the second time in a row.” he Los Angeles Times It barely covers the tournament and the final note that appears centers on Austin Reeves praising Dennis Schroeder after Germany “knocked the United States out of the World Cup”.

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