Crunchyroll, Netflix? I explain where to watch this very popular anime

Little by little, manhwa, those high-quality manga created by South Korean artists, is becoming more popular all over the world. Much of the exponential growth of this phenomenon is due to the success of Solo Leveling, although there are many other works that have also contributed to the emergence of this grain of sand, such as Tower of God.

The SIU webtoon was so well received by audiences that several production companies joined forces to prepare an animated adaptation to suit it. This series arrived in April 2020 and impressed many users who did not know the original work, and are currently craving it. Season 2 arrives. Now, where can you watch this anime legally in Spain? Go for it.

Watch Tower of God on Netflix

Despite what many people think, Tower of God is not available among many anime on Netflix. It’s time to keep searching.

  • Netflix doesn’t work for us❌❌❌

Watch Tower of God on Crunchyroll


anime Tower of God is part of the “Crunchyroll Originals” initiative.So the answer is very clear. By participating in its production, This platform owns the streaming rights to the series. Currently you can see it complete and in good quality without problems.

Watch Tower of God on Amazon Prime Video


From Amazon USA it is possible to rent episodes of Tower of God individually, but in Spain there is no legal way to enjoy this anime. Shame.

  • Prime Video let us down❌❌❌

Watch Tower of God at AnimeBox

com. animebox

As expected, a modern video streaming service like AnimeBox doesn’t have as many opportunities to get business as Tower of God. Selecta Vision does not have these rights.

  • AnimeBox…my joy is in the well❌❌❌
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See the Tower of God in physical form


In these cases where the anime is exclusive to a particular platform, it is sometimes possible to watch it legally thanks to physical releases. Unfortunately, neither Selecta Vision nor anyone else owns the intellectual property rights in Spain, and Only Blu-Ray releases are available via import.

  • Physical form does not solve much in Spain…❌❌❌

Disney+, HIDIVE and other services

Tower of God Crunchyroll

As expected, Tower of God It cannot be watched on Disney+, HIDIVE, Jonu Play, Filmin or Movistar+. . The options are very limited.

  • All other options are bad❌❌❌


At this time options are viewable God’s Tower in Spain Legally, it’s limited, but at least it exists. The easiest thing is to get an account Crunchyroll To enjoy the first season in high quality, but if you are a fan of the physical format, you can always buy the Blu-ray that is sold in the US or other countries.

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