Delta variant: Sputnik V maintains over 90 percent efficiency | “Slightly reduces serum activity”

The Centro Jamelaya confirmed that The effectiveness of Sputnik V against the Delta variant is “greater than 90 percent”, that is, greater than that of vaccines Prepared by other laboratories that have published results against this strain.

This means that Persons vaccinated with this vaccine have the highest level of protection against the consequences that infection with the Indian type can have on their bodies. Which set off alarms all over the world, due to its high degree of infection and lethality.

This was announced by the Deputy Director of Research at the Aesthetic Center and one of those who led the development of the Russian vaccine, Denis Logunov, through a tweet posted on the vaccine publication account.

“Sputnik V is highly effective against the delta variant, which was first identified in India, and shows the best protective results among all vaccines that have published results on the delta variant.”world noted.

This way the aesthetic center vaccine Not only is it the most effective against SarsCov 2 due to its 97.6% efficacy against the virus, but it is also the most resistant against the most dangerous variant known to date., above the dynasties of Manaus and Great Britain.

However, its effectiveness against this mutation is less than that of the original virus that unleashed the epidemic.

Logonov He pointed out that the protection rate is “more than 90 percent”, meaning that ‘Shows less reduced efficacy’ against the original virus. However, repeat This level of immunization is still higher From “no other vaccine that has published results of its efficacy on the delta variant.”

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What at this moment It is estimated that the effectiveness of the Russian vaccine is 2.6 percent lower. In other words, the Indian variant “slightly reduces serum activity,” he explained.

Vaccines against the delta variant

Until now Few laboratories have published results that show how effective your vaccines are. One of them is Pfizer Which, according to the most prestigious scientific journals, decreased A 3 percent Its efficacy against the delta variable.

Instead, the vaccine was developed by Moderna reduced its effectiveness by 5 percent Before the dynasty originated in India, so from AstraZeneca reduced its average efficiency to 70 percent, as reported by international agencies.

Ligunov and Gamaleya Center Director, Alexandr Gintsburg, noted that one reason for a new comprehensive study of Sputnik V was due to the very high incidence of delta injuries in Russia.

The Ministry of Health has made recommendations for a booster or booster dose to be given once every six months if a relapse of the disease occurs and once a year when the epidemic is “quiescent”.

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