Google Drive will make changes that will affect shared files | How to maintain access to documents

To enhance security measures on your platform, Google announced a change In Management Shared or shared documents from Google Drive. It will be implemented from September 13th. This modification will affect both the free basic account end users and the paid workspace service customers.

The statement states: “The update will add a key as a resource for sharing links. Once the update is applied to a file, users who haven’t seen it before will have to use a URL with that key to access.”

In this way, Google recommends administrators with shared files to implement a file Necessary adjustments so that documents remain available. This indicator is directed, for example, to people who form study or work groups and share information.

However, they clarified from the statement: “Access to affected files It won’t change for people who have already seen it or have direct access to it, but in other cases they may have to request access.”

Users with personal accounts

Users who are not part of a Google Workspace domain will receive a notification from Google Drive informing them that their files may be affected starting July 26, 2021. They will have the option to remove the security update. Likewise, they will have even September 13, 2021 Determines how the update is applied to your files.


As indicated by the company, before 23 July 2021 Administrators will need to choose how to apply the security update to their organization. They recommend using alert center Learn more about this update and how to manage it for your organization.

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end users

Unless an administrator chooses to exclude their organization from the security update, users who own or manage affected files will receive an email notification starting July 26, 2021. It will be available to end users until September 13 Determines how the update is applied to your files, if your administrator allows you to.

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