Dario Parasi saw pictures of Chino Leones on the beach and sent him forward: “Lots of sonja”

The Chinese Lioness was urgently called to cover Dario Brassy in 100 Argentines sayAfter what The youngest daughter of the driver was taken to the hospital. He overcame the bad moment, went back to the course and was amused with the animation The View Hotel.

“Oh, how good Chino is,” “Oh, I’ll cut Chino into eight.” It breaks my balls! They’re all like that,” he said, pointing at the reactions caused by a colleague Bambita in reality thirteen.

“I started following him on Instagram. I didn’t follow him. Oh, I was embarrassed to say I didn’t follow him on Instagram!”

“El Chino is very ‘sunguero’. Lots of sunga. It surprised me.” He has what it takes,” says Luli. I already know you’ve seen his ‘tobul’. Yes, yes. I saw him so talented.”

Honorable Mention by Daro Brassey on the Songha Chino Leones

“It’s very ‘sunguero’. Lots of sunga. He commented on some photos Chino had taken from his vacation in the Dominican Republic.”

“You got what. I know you’ve seen Tobol. Yeah yeah. I saw him so talented,” he says with humor as he refers to his producer.

“I read somewhere that we are the program with the most alternatives. How heavy I am! If it’s not a vacation, it’s a problem. It’s not easy being me,” he joked.

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